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The values at the basis of our company

Wood Light Design tells a story of artisans and natural raw materials. Actors of our creations are men on one side and wood on the other. We believe that using technology and imagination you can get original and functional solutions without weighing on the ecosystem. Glass, steel and especially wood are renewable and recyclable elements. We at Light Wood Design use them to manufacture lamps of the highest quality, ideal for illuminating and at the same time enrich any kind of space in which they are positioned. The philosophy of sustainability is also reflected in the choice of the light source: LED devices have many advantages, such us maximum reliability, high efficiency, remarkable durability and reduced energy consumption

Cuscotmized assistance and product

Buying lamps made from Wood Light Design means rewarding the Made in Italy and environmental responsibility. For those who rely on us, we provide a customised service: you can call us at any time, get to rely on the immediate support and possible free returns. Total availability also on lamps personalization. In the online catalogue we have included the full range of ready for sale models, without excluding the possibility of ordering adjustments and accessories such as dimmer for light regulation. We ship FREE all over Italy by courier. Welcome to Wood Light Design: welcome to a world of wood, light and design.

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